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FAIRTEX Headguard HG13

RM 438.00
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The Fairtex HG13 Headgear features a hook-shaped forehead to create a triangular safety zone of protection between the forehead and cheeks. The thick padding on the forehead, cheek, and rear straps offer maximal protection. A diagonal field of view eliminates blind spots found in standard boxing head guards.

The HG13 model allows improved peripheral vision while maximizing protection. Constructed with multiple layers of high-density foam for optimal shock absorption. The outside of this headgear is firm, while the inside is soft to improve comfort.

Fairtex HG13 Diagonal View Headgear is available in two versions; full head coverage and lace-up. The lace-up version allows for additional adjustment of size, while the full head coverage provides additional protection to the top of the head.

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