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FAIRTEX Grappling Dummy

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The evolved and improved version of the world's best grappling dummy. The new model now features both hands and feet to perform even more holds and submissions. Also now has an improved posture, leaning forward which simulates a more realistic position of an opponent in your guard. Made from special microfibre synthetic leather which is very durable and easy to wipe clean. 
New Maddox GD2 with feet and hand to make it possible to practice wrist lock, toe hold, heel hook, straight ankle lock and other leg locks. MADDOX II has better posture because it's feet that helps to stay balance better. With the wrists, it'll make it easier for you to pull the arm when you perform choke or control.
  • Made from special durable synthetic leather
  • Weights about 28 kg.
  • Shoulder system designed by Fairtex to really fit triangle, arm bar and arm choke drill.  The dummy can sit by   themselves and does not fall down easily, make it easy for all kinds of guard practicing, hip bomb sweep, kimura from bottom position, Omaplata, scissor sweep, arm bar, triangle, half guard control etc.
  • Strong base with sand filled up 1/2 of leg
  • The neck is designed to support you to do guillotine, darce choke and anaconda choke
  • Good for all kinds of drill such as full mount, side mount, back control, guard passing, sweep, close and open guard submissions.  (key locks, triangle, arm bar, anaconda, darce choke, rear naked choke straight ankle lock, wrist lock, toe hold etc)
  • Comes filled
The video promotes the previous version GD1
Micro Fiber Syntex Leather
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